Bent Limbs

Bent Limbs is an experimental musical endeavor comprised of the following participants: Aaron O’Hara, Grant Johnson, and Bobby Gorham. Below is a recorded audio sample. Goodbye.

The Wandering Line

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The Apparition Orchestra - The Tide ( single)

Here’s a new single just released by The Apparition Orchestra titled The Tide. It was recorded somewhere back around 2011-2012 and recently re-worked. It’s free to download in high quality. Enjoy! Thanks again to our friend and long time supporter Kevin Stewart-Panko from Decibel Magazine for streaming The Noise Floor album. In case you missed it…here’s a link!

The Apparition Orchestra - The Noise Floor album & Flying ( Falling ) single

The Apparition Orchestra has been working at a furious pace this year and we’re happy to announce the release of their next album titled, “The Noise Floor,” which will be released digitally on October 19th. The 4 part composition is just over 20 minutes in length and was written and conceived as the first half of the groups live set. The teaser below is peek into this brief but expansive piece of music. Thanks to Adam Williams for providing us with some beautiful arial footage! As a bonus, we’re also releasing a single from the duo called,“Flying (Falling)” today which was part of same recording session but will not be included on the album. Enjoy!

Sparse & Wild

Here's a lost track from The Apparition Orchestra. This was from an older recording session at Moresound Studios on the beautiful vintage upright that lives there. Enjoy!

2018 News, Update & New Release!

 It's been a minute since our last update but make no mistake, we have a handful of projects in the works, including the next Blood Sun record, as well as a couple new additions. So far, 2018 is shaping up to be a busy year for Drops of Us. That being said, our first order of business is our next release from a recently formed project called:


  The Apparition Orchestra was started in 2017 by Jon Davis and Bobby Gorham. The project was founded as a collaborative platform for recording multi-instrumental compositions but the duo is currently planning live arrangements for later this year.

 Their first full length, “OBSOLETE” manages to span the concepts of time, technology and musical genre, in a strange, beautiful and sometimes ominous 33 minutes. The album is currently slated for release this spring and will be available digitally and as a limited run of Digipak CD's.

Below you'll find a short album teaser along with the first track released from the record. Enjoy.

Record Release Day & Show Tonight!

Happy record release day fellow weirdos! Distorted Forms is officially out. You can stream the entire album on our Bandcamp page as well as Spotify now and it's up for sale in the Drops of Us webstore & BSC Bandcamp on 12" 150 gram vinyl, CD & Digital Download formats. We're extremely happy to have this release finally finished, as the process was a lengthy one. Thankfully, with the creation of Drops of Us we now have a consistent platform to spill out all of our creative juices. To cap it all off, Blood Sun will be celebrating by playing a handful of shows this summer..*gasp!* starting TONIGHT ( MAY 20th ) @ The Lost Horizon here in Syracuse. Doors are at 7pm and the show is stacked with awesome bands and close friends. Come hear the new tunes, get out of the house & get greasy. We'll announce other BSC shows happening as they come along in the next few weeks. The image below is the wax painting/sculpture used for the album layout. It was made by weaving a skeleton of hemp twine inside an old victorian-style frame and then painting it with layers of liquid wax until it was solid. Mix in a little synthetic hair and....disgusting. Took about a year to complete. The image had to be cropped down for the album dimensions. Guess we'll have to spring for the double gatefold layout next time...? Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to pre-order/order the album. BSC is a labor of love for us and we are grateful for your support. Make music, live forever.

BSC Bandcamp


Vinyl in & Show announced

A majority of the Distorted Forms Vinyl showed up ahead of schedule! Came out excellent. Time to get busy putting everything together. We also announced the album release show today which will be Saturday May 20th, 7pm at The Lost Horizon. Check the event page link below. Thankfully, we were able to rope-in a bunch of friends to play as well. We're looking forward to a fun evening.

                       MAY 20 SHOW!


BSC Distorted Forms 12" Vinyl & Compact Disc Available

Along with the complete BSC Distorted Forms pre-order package, we're making the vinyl and CD available for pre-order individually as well. $15 for the record and $10 for the CD both with another track for download upon purchase. To compliment this release, we are roping in a few friends and finalizing the details for a show which will be announced in the next couple days. The pre-order for the album ends on May 14th so all orders ship that day or if you're local, come pick it up and say hi.

BSC Distorted Forms Pre-order Package

Hello friends and interested parties. We are proudly releasing the pre-order package for Distorted Forms today. This was put together with great care to bring it to you as cheaply as possible. The pre-order sale will be available until May 14th. For $30 the package includes the 150 gram black vinyl record, CD, limited 3-color discharge ink " Broken-Tooth Bat" T, & digital album.  Also, the album track Hideous Twin is available for download immediately upon purchase as a high quality .wav file. More news to come in the next few days.


BSC Vinyl Test Presses are in

The test presses for Distorted Forms are in and we are all very pleased with the results. The album release date will most likely be around the end of May/early June & a live show with some friends is also in the works to help celebrate. We're excited to finally finish this album and have more projects coming along. 

DOU up and running + BSC update

The site is running despite some minor hiccups and bugs to work out. We have plenty of projects in the works and will be expanding this foundation from here on out. We're happy to get this ball rolling and see where it goes.

We also released Swarm of Bees today from the upcoming Blood Sun Circle record  via Decibel Magazine and with the help of our long time supporter and writer Kevin Stewart-Panko. The article is linked below.

Distorted Forms is currently off to press and will be released on 12" vinyl, CD and digital download formats. We'll be putting up a pre-order package including all 3 formats together with some version of custom art or screen-print in the next few weeks. More to come.




This site is the skeleton of a broad idea. It's intention is to be a creative platform for it's contributors, as well as vessel for producing and promoting physical works and collaborating with others. A large portion of the content published here will be free. This will allow us to release and archive our works over time and hopefully inspire future creative productivity. Any and all funding generated by this site, will go solely to the artist(s) responsible. There is no set format, so as of now, we are calling it a creative collective. With time, this skeleton will change and hopefully grow to become a strange new animal. Thank you for visiting.