Record Release Day & Show Tonight!

Happy record release day fellow weirdos! Distorted Forms is officially out. You can stream the entire album on our Bandcamp page as well as Spotify now and it's up for sale in the Drops of Us webstore & BSC Bandcamp on 12" 150 gram vinyl, CD & Digital Download formats. We're extremely happy to have this release finally finished, as the process was a lengthy one. Thankfully, with the creation of Drops of Us we now have a consistent platform to spill out all of our creative juices. To cap it all off, Blood Sun will be celebrating by playing a handful of shows this summer..*gasp!* starting TONIGHT ( MAY 20th ) @ The Lost Horizon here in Syracuse. Doors are at 7pm and the show is stacked with awesome bands and close friends. Come hear the new tunes, get out of the house & get greasy. We'll announce other BSC shows happening as they come along in the next few weeks. The image below is the wax painting/sculpture used for the album layout. It was made by weaving a skeleton of hemp twine inside an old victorian-style frame and then painting it with layers of liquid wax until it was solid. Mix in a little synthetic hair and....disgusting. Took about a year to complete. The image had to be cropped down for the album dimensions. Guess we'll have to spring for the double gatefold layout next time...? Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to pre-order/order the album. BSC is a labor of love for us and we are grateful for your support. Make music, live forever.

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